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Valuation Services you can trust

Enable your team to make informed and timely decisions and reduce collateral risk by choosing accurate, comprehensive and streamlined valuations, easily accessible from our advanced web platform. A national valuation provider trusted since 1996, our valuation solutions comprise appraisals, desktop reviews, value reconciliations, broker price opinions (BPO), and dozens of value-added custom solutions. Get the details

Loan Due Diligence for better decisions

Making smart, risk-based decisions on a loan or portfolio requires an in-depth understanding of the underlying loan attributes affecting price and performance. Our comprehensive loan due diligence solutions validate critical data points and uncover risks present in loan data, credit, compliance, or collateral value. Don’t let costly errors slip under the radar. Request due diligence on your loan or portfolio today. Learn more

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opexnow mortgage advisory & Consulting

In today’s high-tech and regulatory-heavy environment, mortgage operations need to be compliant, efficient and tech-savvy. Our seasoned and experienced team of professionals help clients transform and optimize their business to keep up with market change and keep ahead of the competition. From system implementation and project management through compliance, training, and process optimization, we’ve got the resources, knowledge and expertise to provide effective strategies and execution. Learn more

mortgage Fulfillment Services

Better manage and scale your mortgage servicing and asset management operations while reducing overhead costs. Our knowledgeable fulfillment staff have experience providing component servicing solutions across a range of client core and default servicing operations as well as asset management and rental management support. Partner with us



Asset management

Backed by more than a decade of distressed property management experience, the Consolidated Analytics Asset Management team specializes in the management and disposition of REO portfolios and has deep experience managing various programs associated with rent, including deed-for-lease, tenant-in-place and rent-to-hold. Learn More about Consolidated Asset Management


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