From Strategy to Execution to IMPACT

When a strategy is strong, implementation needs to be proportionately effective. Strategy without planning may lead to poor execution. Conversely, implementation without a strategy may result in excessive re-work. We aim to bridge that gap so you can see your vision through. We develop and deploy executable strategy and roadmaps that ensure excellence in operations, people, processes, and systems by employing subject matter experts (SME) and practitioners across a wide range of mortgage and financial services disciplines.

How We Work

The most effective consulting projects are transparent and based on data, facts, and stakeholder intel. With each new engagement, we take the time to listen to stakeholders and users, gather technical and non-technical requirements, and document each condition to ensure your strategy and plan are grounded in reality.

We know the broader impact of engagement across your operation and business strategy. To break a project into executable action plans, we align with your stakeholders to define the mission, goals, objectives, and priorities across technology, markets, product lines, and operations.

Using a top-down and bottom-up approach, we conduct a thorough gap analysis and prioritize and rank tasks based on cost-per-task breakdowns, correlating these priorities with strategic objectives. The result is a well-thought-out and practical project plan that details the methodologies required, financial budgeting, action plans, milestones, resources, people, and technology requirements.

Execution is one of the most critical phases of any consulting engagement, and we love the thrill of seeing each project come to fruition. Our teams work with clients to remain within timelines and budgeting goals, orchestrating projects and change management strategies and deploying common sense leadership to fill execution gaps and deliver meaningful outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

“We have little wiggle room for inefficiencies, and that intolerance carries over to client projects.”

Stephen Faulkner, Division President
Consolidated Analytics

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