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Due Diligence

Thoughtful and Intelligent Portfolio & Asset Analytics

  • Approved by all major rating agencies
  • Reduce transaction risk for buyers and sellers of loans, MSRs, ABS, and RMBS
  • Evaluate credit, collateral, data, and compliance
  • Focus on delivering thoughtful and intelligent reviews and analyses

Real Estate Asset Management

Minimize Loss. Maximize Value. Reduce Risk.

  • Nationwide partner network
  • Maintained value and high net recovery
  • Accelerated liquidation timelines
  • Compliant, customized strategies to protect your portfolio

Property Valuation Services & Analytics

Elevated Service. Exceptional Partnerships. Unparalleled Quality.

  • Nationally Licensed Appraisal Management Company (AMC)
  • An extensive network of Appraisers and Brokers
  • Compliant solutions with a multi-tier QC program
  • High-touch, high-tech processes and solutions

Consulting & Advisory

Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution.

  • Deliver executable strategies for mortgage operations
  • Employ subject matter experts (SME) across a wide range of disciplines
  • Drive a disciplined and diagnostic approach to project planning
  • Leverage and implement emerging trends for business advancement

Fixated on Outcomes

From asset-level analyses through enterprise-wide optimization, our desire to generate results is relentless. In addition to customer ROI, we focus on delivering outcomes across three key areas:


Quality assets and quality operations lead to better outcomes and improve decision making on asset transactions and enterprise operations.


Quality is great, especially when its paired with efficiency. The combination reduces risk and creates greater cost-savings for operations and assets alike.


We carefully monitor metrics and scorecards and apply effective tools and techniques to ensure continuous improvement at every level.

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