Valuation Services & Analytics

Analytics for Faster, Smarter, Data-Driven Insights

 Sometimes you need multiple checkpoints to ensure your existing valuation is accurate. Consolidated Analytics provides a range of valuation analytics that enhance and accelerate valuation validation and portfolio screening.

Valuation Analytics 

We leverage a range of data sources and analytics solutions to support your valuation needs. Whether you require refreshed MLS comps or data for comparison, a quick automated valuation, enhanced risk management, or need to supplement your portfolio data with HPI and market indicators, our valuation data analytics help you quickly dig deep into property value or market performance to make better asset and portfolio decisions.

Portfolio Valuation Analytics

We know that portfolio valuation risk varies based on markets, valuation accuracy, and available data. At Consolidated Analytics, we offer lenders, servicers, asset managers, property holders, and capital markets participants greater visibility into collateral risk using a range of data and analytic tools, meticulous review, and supplemental valuation products. Whether you are evaluating a performing loan portfolio, non-performing, REO, and rental, our portfolio analyses enhance your understanding of market and value risk to guide your most sensitive portfolio decisions.