Consulting and Advisory

Ensuring Your Systems Protect and Perform

Business systems, platforms, and third-party connectivity and functionality are critical to an organization’s compliance with business and regulatory rules. Yet, it is incredibly easy for systems and policies to become uncoupled and misaligned.

Consolidated Analytics evaluates system capacity and capabilities, platform business rules, regulatory interpretation, compliance workflow, and implementation to safeguard your business while ensuring it remains optimized.

Multi-Tier Risk Analysis

Consolidated Analytics evaluates system risk across three key areas:

Performance Risk

Answers the questions:

  • What is your platform’s capacity for loan volume increase?
  • Is your platform flexible to meet regulatory, process, and product changes?
  • How easy is it to customize your system without extensive IT intervention?
  • How efficient is your system?

Compliance Risk

Answers the questions:

    • Does your system adhere to regulatory requirements?
    • Does your platform effectively automate compliance tasks?
    • Is it easy to configure business and compliance rules?
    • Do your policies and procedures match application capabilities?

Data and Vendor Risk 

Answers the Questions:

  • Does your system play well with other applications and integrations?
  • Are your third-party integrations up-to-date with compliance requirements?
  • Is your data repository sufficient? Where does data reside?
  • How much access does your vendor have? It is the appropriate level?

How We Help

Consolidated Analytics technology risk consultants help your mortgage or financial services IT and risk teams evaluate your systems and technologies’ risk management and compliance capabilities. Our solutions analyze your systems and processes to ensure your platforms comply and meet organizational risk management thresholds. Consolidated Analytics evaluates and reports on the following areas:

Policies and Procedures: Review policies and procedures to ensure they reflect current application and system changes

Workflow: Identify unmitigated risks in automated functionality, infrastructure, workflow, and connectivity. Ensure systems flag non-compliance and provide powerful risk automation and business rule integration

System Efficiency: Analyze workflow efficiency, manual tasks, data leverage, and inter-connectivity to evaluate error-prone tasks and risk at hand-off

Platform Testing: Run comprehensive platform scalability and through-put analysis of platforms to ensure your operation can meet your volume needs with ease

Vendor Integrations: Evaluate third-party technology vendors and integrations for risk management protocols, capacity, and compliance functionality

Threat Inventory and Reporting:  Deliver a comprehensive threat intelligence report, outlining and prioritizing threat events and activities. Additionally, we deliver a breakdown of risks from the task level up and score your risk across various areas.

Documentation:  Document systems and platform processes, policies, and procedures where none exist

System Configuration Support: Provide an optional solution that configures business rules to address areas of opportunities


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