Consolidated Analytics: We RISE Together

Brimming with enthusiastic, ambitious individuals, our employees are the embodiment of our RISE culture.  They don’t just show up to punch a time-card. Instead, they RISE to meet new challenges: Reaching. Innovating. Succeeding with Excellence.

We are proud of our team members who are energized by opportunity, empowered by client results, passionate about innovation, and committed to growth. When an employee grows, we all grow. We all RISE together.

Comprehensive Benefits

As a rapidly growing organization, we provide regular full-time employees a comprehensive and competitive benefits package covering medical, dental, vision, 401(k), and more.

Learning & Development

We know that career growth is important to you. We are committed to helping you explore your talents through one-on-one mentoring, departmental cross-training, and company-wide training. As you develop and grow, we want to be right there with you.

Celebration of Your Success

We celebrate performance, success, and contributions and encourage company-wide connectivity. Our goal is to give our employee community an opportunity to interact, explore new ideas, and join forces to create new solutions.

In the Words of Our Team!

You Do You.

Diversity is important to us at Consolidated Analytics as we see the positive impact on how our teams operate, interact, and solve small and large problems alike:

  • Different perspectives and thinking help us create more thorough and well-thought out solutions.
  • Unique backgrounds and lifestyles keep our team members engaged and learning about each other (great for team building!).
  • Individual life experiences help foster outside-of-the-box thinking. Simply put, we inspire one and other.

An Unwavering Commitment to Our Core Values

The talent we hire and the teams we develop consistently mirror our core values. We are proud of our employees for their knowledge, talent, skills, ambition, and grit. We are proud of the way our employees choose to work: with honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness, and innovation; and with a focus on delivering value to the client.  It’s why we continue to grow year over year. It’s why our retention rates are high. It’s why we look forward to coming to work.

Be Credible

We focus on acquiring exceptional talent, promoting personal growth, and strengthening skills to ensure we build products and services that matter to our clients and are trusted by our community.​

Be Thoughtful

We care deeply about our clients’ experiences and outcomes and are ever-mindful of the impact our actions have on their operation, business, customers, and community.

Be Accountable

We take ownership of the commitments we make and answer the call to action with focus and integrity.


We don’t rely simply on the past to dictate our future. We listen to our clients, explore new ideas, and deploy modern technologies, which avail innovative solutions that are custom fit and deliver value beyond utility. ​


We celebrate our personal and professional achievements in recognition of the time and commitment we make to the work that we do and the people we support.​

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