Due Diligence

Broad Review Types, Detailed Reviews

At Consolidated Analytics we hire tenacious underwriters with knowledge and experience conducting due diligence a wide range of asset types. Whether you are acquiring loans or selling securitized assets, we deliver market-leading due diligence solutions that enable you to understand asset risk and quality, and make informed asset, portfolio, and transaction decisions.

Approved as an RMBS third party review (TPR) firm by all major ratings agencies, Consolidated Analytics provides due diligence solutions that go beyond the surface of your securitized assets to deliver independent, actionable intelligence that informs asset, transaction, deal, and portfolio risk management decisions. Our solutions cover both pre- and post-securitization reviews for the following asset types:

  • Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS)
  • Non-QM
  • Jumbo
  • Seasoned Assets (RPL)
  • Asset Backed Securities (ABS)