Consulting & Advisory

Niche Talent for a Niche Industry

The mortgage banking and financial services industry is highly specialized and often requires talent and staff with unique skills ranging from executive experience to platform or process expertise. We have a track record of successfully identifying and placing candidates in organizational leadership, management, and specialized roles.

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Permanent Placement

When we place candidates within your business, we look at more than just experience. We assess the candidate’s knowledge, work history, leadership skills, and experience and screen each individual based on the unique requirements of the position and the candidate’s strengths.


We help you source and hire specialized talent, compliance experts, seasoned executives, technology and process leaders to help you quickly address a growing need. As the position evolves, we facilitate the transition from a contract role to a full-time role.

Specialized Roles in Mortgage Operations

The mortgage industry is unique. We provide specialized talent acquisition to address complex processes, operations, and specialties by leveraging our extensive network of qualified consultants and experts in project management, origination, servicing, secondary markets, technology and systems, regulatory and risk management, and more. While we recruit for a range of leadership and specialized talent across the loan life cycle, some of the most common business needs in the mortgage are found in these critical areas:



Operations & Processes

We recruit and place operations executives, project and program managers, and specialists with experience in various functions such as loan processing, underwriting, QC, origination, closing and post-closing, servicing, and portfolio management. Our focus is on adding value to your business by supplying talent that can help you streamline and optimize workflow.



Governance & Compliance

Regulatory requirements are at an all-time high, so you need talent who can keep up with government, agency, federal, and local regulations and will develop policies and procedures that safeguard your operation. We place top compliance specialists and experts with the appropriate credentials, experience, and training to keep your organization ahead of change.



Mortgage Technology & Systems

Whether implementing a new FinTech solution, integrating with a third-party vendor, or undergoing enterprise-wide system implementation, we can help you find technology talent that will advance your objectives for particular technology needs or management and oversight of high-priority projects.