Real Estate Asset Management

The Optimal Combination of Customization and Standardization

 Consolidated Analytics combines our extensive “boots on the ground” market resources with highly refined processes, experience REO talent, and customizable solutions to streamline asset management, accelerate turn-times, and maximize portfolio and asset returns.

Our Approach

When it comes to property management and REO asset recoveries, effective management requires a company that has the right approach and resources. Consolidated Analytics featured capabilities include:

Nationwide Network

We maintain a nationwide network of experienced agents, property preservation firms, appraisers, eviction attorneys, licensed property managers, and repair contractors to ensure effective management and compliance of your real estate assets.


Customizable Strategies

We provide customizable and compliant asset management strategies that align with your Service Level Agreement (SLA) and meet your unique timelines, requirements, and objectives –evaluating and adjusting the strategy as needed.

Streamlined Processes

By leveraging standardize processes and proprietary and industry-leading technologies, we deliver streamlined, optimized real asset management solutions that keep our collective teams in sync and keep your managers in-the-know.

Comprehensive Real Estate Asset Management Solutions

Mortgage market conditions are sometimes volatile, leaving servicers and institutional property owners with fluctuating volumes of distressed, rental, and REO portfolios. Our asset management solutions offered broad coverage across a range of assets to ensure comprehensive services, timely management, and improved scorecards.

Our holistic asset management approach delivers high-performance results, including accelerated turn-times and closing rates. Our REO Asset Management team evaluates and incorporates property value, condition reports, market trends, financing requirements, client thresholds, and real estate best practices to develop the most effective REO strategy for your organization; from post-foreclosure through marketing and final disposition.

Leveraging our nationwide network of experienced agents property preservation firms, appraiser, and eviction attorneys, we effectively manage the entire REO asset management process, including:

  • Marketing analysis
  • Pre-marketing
  • Property management and preservation
  • REO asset management and sales
  • Closing management

HECM loans are unique and require niche oversight to ensure Reverse REO guidelines, timelines, and portfolio nuances are met. As the preferred asset management company to one of the country’s largest Reverse REO servicers, we meet and exceed expectations at every step. Our team is armed with the processes, knowledge, and expertise required, including:

  • Highly tenured management with 25+ years of institutional asset management experience
  • Dedicated team of asset managers, closers, title curatives, and vendor managers experience in Reverse REO
  • Customized Reverse REO platform include customized tasking
  • Focus around inspection requirements, valuations, compliance requirements, and marketing plans.

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