Consulting and Advisory

From Process to Profitability

Our leading teams, methodologies, and tools capture analyze, and convert business and technology process data into strategic roadmaps that identify opportunities to automate and optimize origination and servicing operations.

Process and Platform Visualization 

Our business process tools and proprietary process automation road mapping methodology gives businesses complete task-level visibility into their mortgage processes. Our solution:

  • Enables dynamic visualization of data, roles, tasks, risks, and functions
  • Analyzes system utilization, manual processes, wait times, and duplication of tasks
  • Uncovers manually intensive tasks, process bottlenecks, and opportunities for business rule development and automation
  • Identifies gaps between functions, risk management, process controls, and best practices
  • Detects overwhelmed or underutilized staff and produces effective capacity management models

Findings and Road Mapping

Our proprietary methodology pairs process automation with advanced process intelligence and project road mapping to:

  • Deliver a process intelligence report quantifying findings by cost and potential impact
  • Prioritize recommended processes and projects for maximum efficiency and bottom-line effectiveness
  • Convert process data into meaningful financial management data and project roadmaps
  • Produce a bottom-up cost-per-loan from the task level, giving clients the necessary granularity to move forward with automation projects
  • Identify optimal tools for accelerating automation, such as robotics process automation (RPA), algorithms, machine learning, or business process management (BPM)
Business Process Services

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