Consulting and Advisory

Preparing for External and Internal Risk

Change is the norm, and enterprise risk can occur due to market, technology, industry, business, and economic changes. To minimize reputation, financial, and business risk, Consolidated Analytics provides comprehensive enterprise risk consulting and advisory to help you anticipate and adapt to internal and external risk factors and identify opportunities for a more effective, optimized, connected, and centralized risk management approach.

Reducing Enterprise Risk 

Regulatory change, technology investments, and mass amounts of business, industry, and customer data have created more significant fragmentation within financial services organizations, creating a need for broad-scope enterprise risk management functions. While expanding risk functions is imperative to keep ahead, there is an even greater need to evaluate and map risk management processes. Our solution:

  • Assesses the capabilities of an organization’s people, processes, and technologies in the context of internal and external risks
  • Customizes analysis based on the organization’s unique strategic, business, and operational plans
  • Provides a holistic view of operations, management, information technology (IT), systems, talent, and vendor partners
  • Identifies unmitigated risks and uncovers opportunities for improved alignment across organizations
  • Quantifies the impact of enterprise risk and makes prioritized recommendations
  • Develops policies and procedures documentation (P&P) to reflect changes

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