Real Estate Asset Management

Reliable Rental Property Management

Rental and tenant-occupied properties require consistent monitoring and attention, and Consolidated Analytics delivers. From habitability inspection, property maintenance, and tenant screening to rent collection, an experienced team of rental asset managers and local property managers ensures exceptional, compliant, tech-enabled, and ethical rental management practices.

Consolidated Analytics utilizes a proprietary rental management platform to track all aspects of the rental management process, focusing on the delivery of the following:


  • Exceptional tenant relations
  • Streamlined processes using client systems and our internal RentPointe property management platform
  • Knowledgeable resources at every step
  • Compliance monitoring at the national, federal, and local level
  • An unparalleled network of vendor partners
  • Thorough documentation and reporting to meet the strictest levels of oversight
  • Access to a wide range of ancillary property services, valuations, and analytics

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