Consulting and Advisory

Build a Team You Can Trust

High-performance project management requires the right resources, talent, and management. Consolidated Analytics helps you build effective project teams with the right combination of technology, operations, compliance, and specialized skills. We also provide end-to-end project management, staffing, and oversight for short-term and large-scale projects.

We support your end-to-end project needs by developing a comprehensive project staffing plan and structure that includes management oversight and staffing requirements over the project life. With a comprehensive staffing plan, you can optimize your projects and reduce costs. Our staffing plan includes:

  • Skills evaluation and skills matrix
  • Estimated breakdown of hours per role or task
  • Resource identification (technology, data, third-party support)
  • Identification of skilled and experienced project managers based on specific project needs
  • Timeline-based staffing outline (specific roles may not be required until the final project stage, for instance)
  • Project continuity measures and project risk management

Whether you require partial or complete project staffing, we ensure that our project managers, business analysts, and project specialists integrate with your teams and stakeholders to ensure optimal alignment regarding strategy, milestones, reporting, testing, and project execution. This includes;

  • Stakeholder expectation and strategy discussions
  • Requirements gathering
  • Project kick-off meetings
  • Coordination and communication strategy
  • Knowledge acquisition and transfer training from our L&D team
  • Reporting on milestones

In many cases, the complexity and time required to oversee and manage a project can detract from your ability to drive results in other core areas of your business. When needed, we provide complete oversight and management of your projects, from conception through project delivery and ongoing support. Our solution offers guidance and execution at every level:

  • Ensures compliance with regulation at every phase
  • Gathers requirements, communicates with executives, integrates with your teams
  • Provides extensive staffing and project management plans
  • Leverages proven project managers
  • Develops and monitors budgets and milestones
  • Drives project execution, including planning, design, development, and implementation of operations or technology
  • Ensures testing, risk planning, communications, and post-roll-out knowledge transfer

Supporting All Your Project Needs

  • Tap into an unmatched bench of consultants, project managers, and specialists
  • Deliver exceptional and proven industry recruitment
  • Negotiate and manage contracts, background checks, and skills evaluations on your behalf
  • Provide project management expertise that results in best-fit teams and talent
  • Focus on project timelines, cost containment, and resource management
  • Align our staffing with strategic and tactical project plans and  requirements for project stages
  • Proven record of highly effective project and program management within the mortgage industry

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