About Us

Continually Advancing Forward

Since 1996, Consolidated Analytics has made significant strides, evolving from a residential property valuation provider to a provider of complete mortgage loan life cycle solutions, including valuation, due diligence, business process services, and consulting and advisory.

In the past three years, we’ve achieved our most notable advancements: the company increased its revenue growth by 118%, acquired two companies, developed new service lines, and increased staffing. Additionally, in 2019, all major rating agencies added Consolidated Analytics to their list of vetted and approved Third-Party Review (TPR) firms.

  • 1996

    Consolidated Analytics was founded as Standard Analytics, an Appraisal Management Company (AMC).

  • 2009

    The company was renamed Consolidated Analytics. Brian Gehl acquires a controlling interest.

  • 2013

    Arvin Wijay acquired a partnership interest and launched a Due Diligence operation.

  • 2015

    CA acquired Operational Excellence Now (OpExNow), a leading mortgage operations advisory firm, and launched strategic Consulting and Advisory operations.

  • 2017

    CA acquired Equitable Mortgage Solutions, a mortgage fulfillment provider. Top mortgage executives Joe Andrea and Rudy Zabran join CA to drive solution development.

  • 2018

    CA launches component servicing solutions to assist clients through the claims process.

  • 2019

    CA acquired Carrington Property Services, a leading third-party REO asset management, rental management, and valuation services provider.

  • 2020

    CA acquired NMLS licenses in 35 states.

  • 2021

    CA is named a Third-Party Review Firm approved by all major ratings agencies – Fitch, S&P Global, Kroll, Morningstar, and DRBS.

  • 2023

    CA acquired Real Info Inc., a leading data, analytics, and valuation product provider.