Helping You Stay Ahead of the Market

In a rapidly evolving regulatory and technology landscape, focusing on your business improvement objectives at the forefront can determine whether you fall behind or progress. Consolidated Analytics offers business process services steeped in Operational Excellence to navigate the dynamic mortgage market, prioritizing business expansion through dependable, high-quality solutions. Operating as an extension of your business, we incorporate effective processes, expert human capital, and advanced systems.

 Free up teams to focus on core competencies, innovation, and business growth.

 Access proven processes, teams, infrastructure, and technology.

Scale your business to meet rapid changes in market demand with a variable cost model.

Mortgage Fulfillment

Consolidated Analytics’ Mortgage Business Process Services help originators scale their business with underwriting, back-office processing, and process support, from application intake through post-closing secondary market execution.

Quality Control & Audit

We know the quality of your assets is critical to mitigating financial loss, managing reputation risk, and increasing sale-ability to capital markets participants. Whether you require loan-level audits for your origination, servicing portfolio, or operational audits, Consolidated Analytics Business Process Services’ QC & Audit teams help uncover risk.

Default Management

The default management function of our mortgage Business Process Services helps our clients across critical default phases, including loss mitigation, short sale, deed-in-lieu, foreclosure, and claims. Our knowledgeable staff helps you efficiently, effectively, and compliantly manage business processes for defaulted loans at every phase.

REO & Rental Asset Management

The mortgage market can be unpredictable, so support from our REO Asset Management and Rental/Property Management experts can help you accelerate the speed-to-market of your post-foreclosure REO Assets and increase returns using customizable and targeted asset strategies.

A New Level of Service

When costs are high, one solution is to outsource. Or,  you can up-source. Partner with the Consolidated Analytics Operational Excellence team to increase quality, efficiency, and performance at every stage of the mortgage value chain. Consolidated Analytics’ mortgage business process services (BPS) help you to:

  • Increase back-office efficiencies so you can focus on core business objectives
  • Accelerate turn times (TAT), improve pull-through rates, and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Capture risk and error to improve closed loan rates and reduce financial loss
  • Recover losses that would otherwise be overlooked

The Mortgage Industry Moves Fast.

Ensure your business is equipped to move with it.

Contact our OpExNow™ Team to find out what we can do for you.