loanDNA: Intelligence-Based Platform for Informed Decisions

When rapid market fluctuations impact your loan portfolio, time becomes crucial.  An intelligence-based platform, loanDNA produces accurate, predictive loan intelligence to improve workflow, enabling originators, servicers, asset-holders, and investors to accelerate and optimize time-sensitive mortgage asset and portfolio decisions.


Intelligence-based document recognition and data extraction for due diligence, loan onboarding, and default servicing.


Intelligent document processing includes re-alignment and assembly, tagging, sentence-cased bookmarks, identifying subject vs. non-subject property documents, applying nested bookmarks, duplicate flagging, and sequential arrangement of documents.


Origination and Servicing QC solutions to help navigate the regulatory landscape and safeguard against errors and omissions while remaining compliant. Intelligence-based automation produces advanced data analysis for streamlined audit processes and optimized workflow.

Benefits of loanDNA


Simplify QC operations by automating loan file reviews, sampling, compliance audits, and setup. This workflow automation streamlines operations and reduces the risk of error. Customizable templates and automated alerts ensure precise execution. Critical processes like sampling, loan selection, audit setup, QC audits, rebuttals, and reporting are automated, enhancing efficiency.


Incorporate built-in compliance checks and updates to navigate the complex regulatory landscape confidently. From TRID and RESPA to HMDA and beyond, loanDNA ensures that all QC activities adhere to the latest regulatory requirements.


Robust reporting capabilities allow users to generate customizable reports on demand and track key performance indicators in real time. Whether assessing loan quality, measuring productivity, or evaluating compliance metrics, users can leverage actionable insights to drive continuous improvement.

With increasing regulatory scrutiny, the need for comprehensive, technology-enhanced quality control measures has never been greater. Our loanDNA platform addresses these challenges, empowering clients to streamline their QC workflows with less reliance on manual processes to mitigate risks and save time and money.

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