Business Process Services

Effective Processes to Minimize Losses

You may have exceptional loss mitigation and default strategies, but the processes behind them are critical to ensuring effectiveness. As part of our BPS offering, we drive process support, improvement, and optimization across various assets, from performing to non-performing loans. We focus on delivering high-quality, compliant, and streamlined execution to help you minimize loss and improve process control and productivity.

Leveraging Analytics and AI 

We leverage intelligent loan analytics, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data normalization, and surveillance, to drive portfolio insights, resolve data integrity gaps, monitor risk, and forecast performance.

Beyond the Individual Asset

Our business platform combines origination, servicing, and default operations consulting and advisory with expert business process services and quality control solutions to provide you with the most comprehensive solution.

Flexible Cost Structures

We recognize that each institution has different needs. We provide our clients with a variable cost structure that enables you to scale your operation when volumes change.

Our loss mitigation solutions help you identify imminent defaults and drive effective pipeline management to improve work performance, cost optimization, and overall loss reduction in a portfolio. Whether you are working through standard modifications, short sales, deed-in-lieu, or claims without conveyance of title (CWCOT), our services help you comply and meet volume demands while driving efficiencies by:

  • Sending loss mitigation packages and regulatory notices
  • Managing file loss mitigation file intake and pipelines
  • Preparing your portfolio pre-decision analysis on loan modifications and underwriting decisions
  • Trial performance tracking, monitoring, and escalation to final modification trial period
  • Modification documentation preparation
  • Management of pre-foreclosure processes relating to documentation and positions of specific loss mitigation strategies

Consolidated Analytics offers you effective claims processing and claims loss analysis solutions, managed by industry leaders with 25+ years of experience and executed by experienced professionals with an average of 6-8 years in claims processing. We support various product types, including FHA, USDA, VA, MI, FNMA, and FHLMC claims. Our solution helps you better optimize claims processes by:

  • Ensuring critical timelines are met, claims are processed in line with agency requirements, and operations are evaluated to correct the system and process errors that result in significant losses
  • Analyzing claims losses and drilling down on root causes to ensure corrective action with people, technology, processes, or individuals
  • Providing claim preparation within our platform
  • Filing claims and supplements within your third-party or in-house platforms
  • Driving excellence with quality control (QC) services on claims, claims processes, and vendors

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Using skilled resources with experience in a wide range of bankruptcy and foreclosure systems and with exceptional timeline management, we help you meet milestones, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce loss. Our bankruptcy and foreclosure solution:

  • Adheres to critical regulations and meets mission-critical requirements relating to the loans moving into bankruptcy and foreclosure
  • Supports documentation requirements to expedite timelines
  • Provides the first line of rebuttal to resolve attorney questions
  • Prepares reinstatement letters
  • Supports cash allocation for pre- and post-bankruptcy
  • Includes Proof of Claim review and validation

Our bankruptcy and foreclosure operations and audit support will ensure the affidavit of Indebtedness (AOI) and Bankruptcy Motion for Relief (BK MFR) follow proper protocol, driving compliance and reducing costly delays by:

  • Reviewing for the adequate execution of AOI/MFR, including validating appropriate lender signing authorities and notary execution
  • Reviewing servicing history to validate the accuracy of the AOI/MFR amounts due and owing
  • Reviewing bankruptcy history/confirmation of the plan to determine pre- and post-petition amounts, if applicable
  • Reviewing required security documentation and bankruptcy schedules to assert a valid, perfected security interest and a lack of adequate protection or equity in the property
  • Review for overall completion and accuracy of any statements made within the legal document

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Default Management BPS Benefits

  • Adhere to regulations and guidelines governing mortgage servicing and default
  • Quickly ramp up with experienced staff, proven workflow, and tested processes
  • Increase operational efficiencies and reduce long-term overhead costs
  • Obtain better risk and portfolio performance insights with a leading analytics engine
  • Reduce losses, increase portfolio retention rates, and drive business profitability
  • Shift your star resources back to focusing on core expertise and business objectives
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