Consulting and Advisory

Building the Next-Gen Mortgage Operation

Improve, update, and transform your operations to stay ahead of changing regulations and industry demands.

Our Experts Lead

Mortgage and financial services operations are complex, so we have our industry experts lead each project.

Our team of Subject Matter Experts has experience in Six Sigma, Agile, mortgage operations, and technology, ensuring that your initiatives drive alignment and consider the broader impact of change.

Your Data Talks

Knowing your operational capabilities and performance and how you are set up for change is critical to success.

Operational transformation initiatives dive deep into your data and metrics to inform, prioritize, and execute any recommendations.

Methodology Matters

We leverage the right mix of leading methodologies (Six Sigma, Agile, proprietary) to manage overhead costs and produce results.

The right tools and techniques help us identify inefficiencies, implement process and operations improvements, and design operating models to capitalize on future opportunities.

How We Do It. 

Mortgage and financial services operations are complex, so improvement opportunities are often difficult to spot and even more challenging to transform. Consolidated Analytics strategies make operational data more transparent, insights more accessible, and operations transformation initiatives more executable. We leverage components of the lean Six Sigma framework without the overhead costs. Our approach entails the following:

Whether you are making new digital investments, modifying or building business processes, or implementing a new vendor, Consolidated Analytics develops a business case that aligns with corporate and organizational objectives.

  • Define and detail the problem statement
  • Establish project goals and a project scope
  • Create team roles and responsibilities
  • Develop milestones and timelines
  • Produce a cost-benefit analysis and expected financial returns

Learn More About Consolidated Analytics. Contact our OpExNow™ Team or Visit Our Resource Center.

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