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From shifting compliance requirements and growing cost-per-loan to resource constraints, and the need for digital transformation, we know the burdens you face each day and we designed our financial solutions platform around your need or better quality, efficiency, and performance.

Whether you require asset-level analysis or enterprise-wide optimization, Consolidated Analytics has the right solution or combination of solutions to bring your organization to the next level. We are ambitious connectors in mortgage and financial services, bringing together asset and operations strategy, people, processes, data, and solutions so that you can move beyond status quo to perform, thrive, and transform.

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I love Angelina and her team! They are so quick to respond any time I reach out for help, even in the after hours! And, I can always count on Rich Galpin, Consolidated’s Chief Appraiser, to provide honest, objective feedback with each review. Consolidated Analytics are the type of partners you want to work with to get your deals done. I’ve never been so spoiled.

Mia Katzdorn
President’s Club Member | PRMG

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