Consulting and Advisory

Stability in Uncertain Market Conditions

Unpredictable market factors create demand for stabilizing forces within your immediate corporate environment. Consolidated Analytics helps organizations scale their operation and fulfill day-to-day workflow needs through high-quality staff augmentation. By tapping into our ecosystem of industry experts and specialists, and leveraging a variable cost model, we help businesses remain productive and efficient.

Scalable Workforce

Our solution enables you to add or remove skilled resources based on demand so you can have greater control over your costs and reduce complexities and burdens related to full-time employment.

Complete Integration

Our mortgage and financial services resources bring industry knowledge and experience with common systems, processes, and services. This enables us to integrate our augmentation resources with your existing business processes and ensure alignment with your objectives.

Customized Offerings

Depending on your unique project and staffing needs, you may require a customized model that combines augmentation and project outsourcing. Consolidated Analytics has the network, expertise, and leadership to design best-fit staffing and project management models.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • Enables businesses to leverage internal and external resources
  • Integrates with your existing processes and operations; we become one team
  • Reduces overhead costs, acquiring costs, and liabilities related to long term staffing
  • Provides access to specialized expertise in financial services and mortgage
  • Improves execution and timelines for key initiatives
  • Provides hybrid staffing models pairing project management with augmentation solutions
  • Enables productivity and project completion
  • Allows your business leaders to stay focused on key business objectives

Access the Resources, Skills, and Talent You Need 

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