Consulting and Advisory

Technology is Rapidly Evolving.

It’s time to apply the right-fit technology to optimize your business. Our consultants help you identify the steps to streamline high-quality, back-office processes and deliver an intuitive customer experience. We help you reduce technology fragmentation while prioritizing loan and process compliance.

Solutions that Drive Excellence in Mortgage

We design solutions from the front lines to the back office to enhance mortgage originators’ and servicers’ performance.

System Selection, Optimization & Implementation

With experience across a broad range of core origination (LOS/POS) and servicing platforms, we bring deep operations experience, knowledgeable resources, and technical insight to help you get more from your mortgage systems.

Process Automation Roadmapping

We deliver practical process automation roadmaps that help you identify opportunities to automate origination and servicing operations and help convert business and technology process data into action.

Digital Transformation

Our mortgage technology and process experts help you drive a digitally enabled operation by identifying and implementing emerging data, tools, and technologies that offer practical advancement.


Our proprietary intelligence-based platform can help you ensure efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in loan origination and mortgage servicing operations.

Connect and Optimize 

Technology change can be complex. We blend mortgage industry system and loan workflow expertise with emerging trends, exceptional process design, project management, regulatory knowledge, and learning & development to:

  • Reduce fragmentation and drive connectivity across data, people, and processes
  • Evaluate, monitor, and minimize system and technology risk
  • Modernize your operations
  • Deliver greater visibility into loan data, people, and process performance
  • Increase user adoption and knowledge
  • Reduce costs by leveraging automation and emerging technologies
  • Design a practical, realistic process automation roadmap that addresses current challenges and prepares your systems for the future

Are You Ready to Level-Up Your Business?

Contact our OpExNow™ Team of advisory and consulting experts for a discussion.