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Consolidated Analytics Now on the List of S&P Global Ratings Approved Third-Party Review Firms

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ANAHEIM, Calif., May 20, 2019 – Consolidated Analytics, the premier provider of mortgage services, today announced that it has been accepted to the Standard & Poor (S&P) list of approved third-party review (TPR) firms. The approval validates that Consolidated Analytics meets S&P’s criteria for quality and independence of third-party reviews for U.S. residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS). The company will appear in S&P’s Ratings Direct® publication alongside a highly select list of firms that meet S&P’s stringent assessment factors.

“We never sacrifice quality,” said Chief Executive Officer, Arvin Wijay. “The S&P acceptance is a validation of the standards and best practices we have created across our entire organization.  Standards that we’ve intentionally designed to exceed agency, market and client expectations for quality, independence, and transparency.”

Prior to approval, S&P reviews and scrutinizes a range of processes, infrastructure, and business best practices such as compliance with underwriting guidelines, data integrity for loans, property valuation accuracy, regulatory compliance, and supporting technology capabilities. Once every 18th months, S&P will update its approved list of approved TPRs.

“Trust and transparency are the key elements of a healthy RMBS market and we take our role as a third-party reviewer very seriously, knowing that each review has a ripple effect beyond a single loan file,” said Consolidated Analytics’ President, Joe Andrea. “We appreciate the recognition from S&P, as it reflects significant investment we’ve made in developing processes, tools, and technologies for next level due diligence.”

Consolidated Analytics is now an accepted review firm on multiple rating agency lists. The company provides due diligence for capital market participants, but also delivers additional risk management solutions to originators and servicers including collateral valuation, REO and rental management, loan quality control and quality assurance, operational reviews, and technology and process advisory.

About Consolidated Analytics, Inc.

Consolidated Analytics ( provides the real estate finance industry with an end-to-end mortgage services platform that delivers value to its customers, from asset-level analyses through enterprise-wide optimization. By harnessing the power of data and technology —and tapping into our multidisciplinary team’s expert insights— we help forward-thinking companies unlock loan and operational quality, efficiency, and performance.

Consolidated Analytics serves clients in mortgage lending, servicing, and capital markets with solutions for due diligence, valuation, advisory and consulting, and business process services (BPS).

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