Consulting and Advisory

Driving Effective Risk Management

By applying a diagnostic approach, we assist mortgage industry businesses and financial institutions in assessing, developing, and implementing practical and efficient governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs. Our solutions support enterprise-wide risk management and help mitigate technology and system risk.

Risk Management as an Opportunity 

At Consolidated Analytics, we view effective risk and compliance as an opportunity for optimization that results in lower costs, a stable reputation, and greater efficiencies. Our risk and compliance consultants evaluate specific areas of your organization, such as technology or governance, or look at the overall risk management functions across the enterprise to ensure that best practices are in use, processes are effective, and response mechanisms are in place.

We also offer scalable, user-friendly Compliance Management System (CMS) platforms that help clients manage their CMS programs. We design, develop, and maintain CMS systems for compliance management, including audits, policies and procedures, regulatory change management and reporting, and more. Our customized compliance solutions provide actionable, transparent insights. Our solutions include the following:

Governance, Risk & Compliance 

We review and analyze organizational adherence to crucial government and agency rules and requirements, best practices, and industry guidelines, delivering a final report with detailed and prioritized recommendations.

Enterprise Risk

We analyze your enterprise risk management functions to identify opportunities for strategic, connected, and optimized risk management across business strategy, risk culture, systems, and processes.

Technology and Systems Risk

Your technology and systems play an integral role in compliance automation. We evaluate platforms, integrations, and databases to ensure compliant and effective design and platform business rules, accurate regulation interpretation, and correct implementation.

Our Risk Management Solutions 

  • Review, assess, and evaluate current risk management processes and policies
  • Evaluate technology hard stops and compliance workflow functions
  • Evaluate team, staff, management, and oversight
  • Analyze departments and functions for redundancies and risk errors
  • Identify areas of weakness and deliver prioritized risk management recommendations
  • Support the implementation and optimization of recommendations
  • Ensure compliance from the loan level through the enterprise
  • Enables corrective action for a more streamlined risk management approach

Safeguard Your Organization

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