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Extra, Extra! Fannie Mae Releases Desktop Appraisal Factsheet!

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Are you an Appraiser considering Desktop Appraisals? Wouldn’t it be great if Fannie Mae put out a factsheet to ensure you complete your Desktop Appraisals correctly? Well, guess what? They released that very thing yesterday!

The Fannie Mae website states the following: “Beginning in March 2022, desktop appraisals will be an option for some loan transactions. This fact sheet provides high-level information on Fannie Mae’s requirements for desktop appraisals and answers some frequently asked questions. We’ll be adding information to the fact sheet such as additional FAQs as needed.” We encourage you to check out this convenient factsheet!

Here is the link to the document and we’ve attached the image below for your convenience! 


Fannie Mae Desktop Appraisal




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