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Consolidated Analytics Partners with Sagent

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Consolidated Analytics Partners with Sagent on their Dara Mortgage Claims System

Santa Ana, Calif, 2/21/2024 – Consolidated Analytics (CA), a leading provider of mortgage services, is proud to announce its partnership with Sagent, a premier mortgage software solutions provider, to integrate the Dara mortgage claims system into its operations. This strategic collaboration represents an innovative shift in mortgage claims processing, leveraging the transformative capabilities of the Dara Mortgage Claims System to deliver unparalleled benefits to clients.

“Sagent’s Dara mortgage claims system represents a significant advancement in mortgage claims processing technology, and our partnership with Sagent allows us to offer this innovative solution to our clients on any servicing system,” said Arvin Wijay, CEO of Consolidated Analytics. “By leveraging the power of Dara, we can provide our clients with enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved compliance, ultimately delivering greater value and success in their mortgage operations.”

Dara Claims utilizes end-to-end data to power a seamless process, resulting in reduced risk, lower costs, and improved claim recovery. Dara offers a lift for any servicing operation or any servicing system to support every type of FHA, VA, USDA, FNMA, FHLMC, and MI claims. Through Consolidated Analytics’ partnership with Sagent, clients can experience the following benefits:

  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Compliance rules engine to prevent errors and meet investor requirements
  • Unified, easy-to-maintain tech stack with quicker change-management timelines
  • Modern user experience for homeowners and faster proficiency for your team

Consolidated Analytics’ partnership with Sagent represents a strategic alignment of two industry leaders dedicated to driving innovation and efficiency in mortgage services. Clients can expect accelerated claims processing, reduced costs, and improved overall efficiency by combining Consolidated Analytics’ expertise with Sagent’s cutting-edge technology.

“Integrating Dara’s Claims capabilities into Consolidated Analytics means servicers can improve claims recovery with lower risk and less cost,” said Perry Hilzendeger, EVP of Servicing at Sagent. “Dara by Sagent is proud to power this partnership, which transforms mortgage claims processing and offers clients unparalleled expertise and innovative technology to optimize servicer operations.”

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