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Fitch Rates CSMC 2021-RPL8

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Fitch Ratings – New York – 29 Sep 2021: Fitch Ratings assign final ratings to the residential mortgage-backed notes to be issued by CSMC 2021-RPL8 Trust (CSMC 2021-RPL8).


“Fitch was provided with Form ABS Due Diligence-15E (Form 15E). Third-party due diligence was performed on 100% of the loans in the transaction. Due diligence was performed by AMC, Opus, Consolidated Analytics, and Digital Risk, which Fitch assesses as Acceptable – Tier 1, Acceptable – Tier 2, Acceptable – Tier 3, and Acceptable – Tier 2 respectively. The review scope is consistent with Fitch criteria, and the results are generally similar to prior prime RMBS transactions. Credit exceptions were supported by strong mitigating factors, and compliance exceptions were primarily cured with subsequent documentation.”

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