Building the Next Generation Mortgage Operation

More than ever, businesses are focused on improving, updating, and transforming operations to meet new demands such as emerging technology, increased competition, economic uncertainty and regulatory constraints. Consolidated Analytics works with operations leaders to review strategic business and operational objectives, study existing processes and recommend long-term solutions.

Mortgage and financial services operations are complex, and as a result, performance and productivity improvement opportunities are often difficult to spot and even more difficult to transform. Consolidated Analytics makes operational data more transparent, insights more accessible and operations transformation initiatives more executable.

We combine expert industry practitioners with proprietary methodologies, and draw the most effective components from leading tools and techniques such as Lean Six Sigma, to help mortgage businesses identify and adapt to changes occurring in today’s environment. We identify inefficiencies, implement process and operations improvements, and design operating models that position organizations to capitalize on future opportunities. We leverage lean six sigma framework without the overhead to produce results:


Consolidated Analytics Consulting & Advisory

Defining and Developing a Business Case

Whether you are making new digital investments, modifying or building business processes or implementing a new vendor, Consolidated Analytics develops a business case that aligns with corporate and organization objectives.

  • Define and detail the problem statement

  • Establish project goals and a project scope

  • Create team roles and responsibilities

  • Develop milestones and timelines

  • Produce a cost-benefit analysis and expected financial returns

Measuring and Mapping

Successfully transforming an operation requires that we fully understand and measure progress. Our team will:

  • Assess and map current state including existing processes and capabilities, including vendor process analysis, best practices, compliance and technologies

  • Collect relevant data based on the scope (customer, end-user reviews, cost per loan, compliance gaps, underwriting scorecards, claims analysis, default rates, etc)

  • Create benchmarks and KPIs and establish meaningful measurement criteria and metrics

  • Develop reporting and tracking tools for costs, timelines, and performance

Analyzing and Solving

To address and solve for the main problem, our Lean Six Sigma experts will analyze business efficiencies and identify and verify root causes to reduce weaknesses and risks in the operation. As part of this process we:

  • Analyze data

  • Conduct a gap analysis

  • Detect inefficiencies and waste; flag outdated strategies, policies and procedures, and regulatory or business risks; and identify opportunities for improvement such as task automation, process change or improved system utilization rates

Improving and Implementing

Using the collected data, analysis and insights, the Consolidated Analytics Consulting and Advisory team proposes and designs new or improved business processes, policies and procedures, workflow design, system recommendations, staffing requirements and configurations, automation tools, and more. As part of this process, we:

  • Provide and detail future state recommendation

  • Create an improvement action plan

  • Implement and test solutions

  • Deliver process improvements, design or redesign

  • Prepare organization for change with operational change management and preparation plans

Controlling and Sustaining the Outcomes

Operational improvement and transformation is not a one time project. It requires ongoing management and monitoring to ensure performance is sustainable. Consolidated Analytics’ holistic approach leverages a range of monitoring programs and tools to:

  • Defines control phase validation

  • Develops expectations and best practices

  • Evaluates, monitors and measures improvements

  • Establish continuous improvement needs and incorporates changes