Aligning Programs and Projects with Corporate Strategy

We help mortgage businesses and financial institutions effectively manage programs and projects in alignment with corporate objectives, timelines and budget requirements. Leveraging experienced and tested subjective matter experts (SME), and program and project management professionals we ensure strategic initiatives are effectively prioritized from concept through completion with a focus on regulatory compliance.

Program Management

Orchestrating and Integrating People, Processes and Systems

Whether building, transforming or integrating a new technology or operation, Consolidated Analytics’ expert practitioners, Lean Six Sigma experience, and program managers orchestrate complex projects and programs to ensure effective timeline management, workplace diplomacy, optimal decision making, and Return on Investment (ROI) through:

  • Aligning with strategic, corporate objectives

  • Integrating decisions and plans across key executive stakeholders, management and project teams

  • Collaborating across functions, processes, departments, partners and vendors

  • Applying best practices, regulatory compliance, systems and technologies

  • Designing and implementing models


Delivering Project Outcomes without Compromising Quality or Compliance

Consolidated Analytics’ project management professionals apply top project management principles such as Agile and Lean Six Sigma to prioritize, control and execute key deliverables across the project life cycle, on-time and within budget. We do this by:

  • Developing and balancing baselines, scope, budget, timelines and milestones

  • Managing and monitoring project staff, project teams and partners and defining work breakdown structures

  • Collaborating with key stakeholders

  • Establishing change management protocols

  • Identifying risk and developing a risk response plan

  • Defining project success criteria and key performance indicators (KPI)

  • Establishing continuous improvement initiatives

Project Management

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