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Consolidated Analytics Maximizes Pipeline Execution for a Fast-Growing Mortgage Lender

-Consolidated Analytics’ Underwriting Fulfillment Bolsters an Experienced, Privately Held Mortgage Banker’s Ability to Streamline and Accelerate the Manufacturing of High-Quality Loans-

Background & Landscape
The current mortgage market is booming, and lenders are experiencing a surge in demand for both refinance and purchase originations. Several key factors are contributing to the increase in loan demand. For instance:

  1. Record-low interest rates are compelling current and future homebuyers to enter the housing market
  2. The shift to a remote work environment, stemming from COVID-19, is prompting homeowners to re-evaluate their location and lifestyles. Suburban and rural living environments are gaining appeal.

For mortgage lenders, taking advantage of the 20-year low rates and an increase in demand is a priority. However, the mounting demand for home loans is creating pipeline pressures for even the most efficient lending institutions. One of the most pressing issues for mortgage lenders in this high-volume environment pertains to resource and staffing constraints.

About the Client
Headquartered in California, the client is a multibillion-dollar national private mortgage lender; licensed servicer; and leader in residential, commercial, and home equity conversion (HECM) mortgage-backed securitization. Successfully originating loans for 30+ years, customers benefit from the client’s commitment to providing best-fit loan products, process efficiency, and high-touch communications. By leveraging a modern and proprietary loan processing system, and ensuring transparent customer communications at every step, the client earned its reputation as a high-quality, trusted, and expeditious lender that keeps the customer’s interest at the forefront.

As a full-service mortgage banker and an equal opportunity lender, the client originates and underwrites residential loan products through retail, wholesale, and correspondent channels. The company is an approved lender and/or servicer by all key federal housing agencies and government-sponsored enterprises. Its diverse loan product offering includes, but is not limited to, FHA, reverse, refinances, multifamily, and VA loans. It is also considered a top USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing lender.

Client Challenge
As a result of the record-low interest rates, the client experienced a significant increase in loan demand and pipeline growth. The client’s market opportunities increased by 70%, while the client’s business increased by 500%.

To keep ahead of demand, and to ensure its customers received the same quality, speed, and satisfaction they have come to know and expect, the client determined that it would benefit from increasing its staffing and capabilities in loan underwriting. To maximize pipeline execution while ensuring its staffing strategy remains flexible to meet potential changes in mortgage market conditions, the client engaged Consolidated Analytics for its mortgage fulfillment underwriting support services.

Solution Overview
Starting in April of 2020 and continuing today, Consolidated Analytics provides the client with the following mortgage fulfillment underwriting support services:

Project Management and Oversight

Consolidated Analytics’ dedicated Project Managers ensure underwriting excellence and alignment with the client’s requirements and expectations by:

  • Developing clear underwriting project structures, team structures, and decision trees
  • Establishing metrics and reports that enable performance transparency for the client
  • Ensuring staff workload is balanced and Underwriters are engaged and productive
  • Identifying knowledge gaps and creating education and training to close gaps
  • Identify process and system optimization opportunities to accelerate high-quality underwriting

Experienced Underwriting Staff
Consolidated Analytics allocates over 100 experienced underwriters to support the client’s national production operations and maximize pipeline execution. Our underwriters are:

  • Knowledgeable in underwriting standards for a wide range of residential loan products
  • Adhere to client-specific underwriting criteria and policies
  • Aligned with client-specific training guidelines, origination systems, and processes

Underwriting Services
Consolidated Analytics provides the client with underwriting fulfillment for retail and/or Third Party Originated (TPO) residential mortgage loans. Underwriting support services include:

  • Detailed and timely underwriting of loan files
  • Loan level data entry into client systems
  • Concise and effective written and verbal communication of loan level findings and decisions to foster a trusted relationship between the client and its customers
  • Identification of alternative credit solutions in compliance with the client’s credit policies
  • A timely and thorough review of submitted conditions and loan resubmissions
  • Maintain quality and production standards as defined by the client

Business Impact
Consolidated Analytics’ underwriting fulfillment solutions enable the client to achieve a competitive advantage in the following ways:

Maximizes pipeline execution: 
Consolidated Analytics’ mortgage underwriting fulfillment services enable the client to address rapid pipeline growth and maximize pipeline execution. The solution supports an average of 4,000 monthly units per month, representing an estimated production value of $1.4B.

Delivers Speed to Scale:
Consolidated Analytics supplies the client with a team of dedicated project managers and over 100 experienced and trained underwriters. Rapid access to these resources enables the client to scale its underwriting capabilities to meet the rapid changes in volume demand, while proactively addressing any potential underwriting resource limitations resulting from its growth.

Accelerates Turnaround Times
Consolidated Analytics efficiently coordinates and facilitates high-quality underwriting accelerating loan production for the client. By enabling a faster speed to market, the client keeps ahead of its fast-paced pipeline growth, while holding true to its brand promise for expedited customer service.

Ensures Top-Tier Customer Service
Since underwriting resources are managed with efficiency, and loan underwriting results and product options are clearly communicated by the Consolidated Analytics underwriting staff, the client can continue focusing its internal resources on delivering high-quality customer service and communications to its customers. Since April 2020, the client has closed on thousands of loans, obtaining hundreds of 5-star customer review ratings on closed loans.

“Working with Consolidated Analytics’ mortgage underwriting team, we were able to support our customers’ and Loan Officers’ desire to participate in the low-rate environment, while ensuring the quality and speed of our service do not waiver under volume pressures. Moreover, we’ve come to learn that Consolidated Analytics is not just an exceptional service provider, they are a high-value partner that aligns their fulfillment strategy with our business vision.”   –Senior Executive Manager at Client 

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