Valuation Services & Analytics

Products Built with You in Mind

The need for new and custom-tailored property valuation solutions is constant. Clients often want to address specific challenges that require non-traditional valuation solutions to achieve the objective. At Consolidated Analytics we give you the flexibility you need to obtain a reliable, tailored solution, and the exceptional service to ensure success. Our Consolidated Valuation Suite (CV Suite) and our Consolidated Review Suite (CR Suite) was developed to solve both common and unique property valuation challenges.

Consolidated Valuation Suite (CV Suite) 

The Consolidated Valuation Suite of solutions consists of hybrid and tech-enabled property valuation products that help you refresh or deepen your valuation.

Consolidated Review Suite (CR Suite)

Our Consolidated Review Suite (CR Suite) couples traditional property valuation review products with comprehensive data solutions to deliver an independent and thorough review of property value to validate your strategy or prompt course correction.