Better Teams Create Better Results

When regulatory guidelines, loan volumes, and business strategies change, it is likely that current staffing capacity, capabilities and processes are not equipped to satisfy requirements or meet deadlines. Consolidated Analytics delivers specialized talent and workforce solutions that help organizations remain competitive, scalable and prepared to embrace change.

Arming Your Organization with Talent and Resources

Consolidated Analytics works works with clients across the mortgage spectrum to fulfill key roles, staff and manage your projects or augment your internal teams. Our leading network of mortgage and financial services consultants include specialists and subject matter experts (SME), averaging than 15 years of experience in business strategy, systems and technology, operations, regulatory compliance and process excellence. Our team of dedicated recruiters specialize in various domains and employ a range of strategies to expedite recruiting success, including:

• Nationwide reach for top talent

• Track record for delivering top candidates

• Direct, online and referral recruiting strategies


Thorough due diligence and pre-screening interviews

• Robust database of role requirements and criteria

• Talent performance tracking and reporting

Our Specialized Talent and Workforce Solutions Include:


Specialized Talent
The mortgage banking and financial services industries is highly specialized and often requires talent and staff that have unique skills ranging from executive experience through through platform or process expertise. We have a track record of success identifying and placing candidates in executive leadership, management and specialized roles. Our solutions include both permanent and contract-to-permanent placement.


Staff Augmentation

Unpredictable market factors create demand for stabilizing forces within your immediate corporate environment. Consolidated Analytics helps organizations scale their operation and fulfill day-to-day workflow needs through high quality staff augmentation. By tapping into our ecosystem of industry experts and specialists, and leveraging a variable cost model, we help businesses remain productive and efficient.


Project Teams and Managed Project Services

Achieving high performance project management and project outcomes requires the right resources, talent and management. Consolidated Analytics helps businesses build effective project teams that have the right combinations of technology, operations, compliance and specialized skills. Consolidated Analytics also provides end-to-end project management, staffing and oversight for both short-term and large scale projects.

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