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Consolidated Analytics Consultant Career Fair: A Quick Recap & Video

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We had a wonderful career fair for industry professionals interested in Consulting for Consolidated Analtyics mortgage, banking, credit union, lender, and servicer clients. We had over 180 registrations to the career fair and what stood out the most was the caliber of the talent that attended the event and the fantastic questions we received.

As mortgage business strategies react to factors such as rising building materials, rate change, house inventory changes, and of course, COVID-19 restrictions, Consolidated Analytics leaders stay connected with industry executives to ensure we are adding the right talent to our network in anticipation of market change. During the career fair, recruiter John Reiger, touched on several areas that clients in the mortgage space are watching today including:

  • The CARES Act and the pending moratorium lift: How mortgage servicers will begin shifting the focus to customer care and loss mitigation as we enter the post-COVID “new norm.”
  • Readying systems (internal and customer) for the ongoing shift to a remote work environment
  • The need for digital transformation as well as rapid digital maturation across mortgage banking
  • The adoption of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in key areas of the industry
  • Heightened levels of awareness around customer data and system security
  • The need for experts in regulatory compliance as it relates to process optimization, loan and portfolio quality, and digital transformation
  • A consistent and steady need for project management, process experts, and credit underwriters

In addition to keeping ahead of shifts in the market, Consolidated Analytics’ Division President, Stephen Faulkner, provided some context as to why our clients return to us over and over for Consulting & Advisory. Here is what he had to say:


If you are a mortgage bank or institution, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and learn more about our services. Email

If you are a mortgage industry professional looking for a career in Consulting, we encourage you to visit our careers page!

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