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Consolidated Analytics Hosting a Career Fair for Mortgage Industry Consultants

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~ Career Fair Provides Insight on Consultant Qualifications, Requirements, Roles & Projects ~

Anaheim, CA. May 4, 2021- Consolidated Analytics, an end-to-end provider of mortgage solutions, and a fast-growing mortgage industry consulting firm, today announced that it will be hosting a career fair for mortgage experts and specialists seeking opportunities to utilize their skills as a consultant in the industry.

Consolidated Analytics’ Consulting & Advisory practice maintains a large talent pool of mortgage industry consultants and places those consultants in short-term, long-term, and permanent roles.

Event Description: Are you a mortgage industry consultant or thinking about becoming one? Do you have expert or specialized knowledge in mortgage technologies, operations, regulations, specific or niche processes? Join Consolidated Analytics for its first-ever “Mortgage Industry Consultant” Career Fair and learn about Consolidated Analytics’ consulting opportunities including client profiles, projects, assignments, positions, benefits, and work structures.


  • Dana Gross, Head of Human Resources
  • Stephen Faulkner, Division Head- Consulting & Advisory
  • John Rieger, Recruiter
  • Eli Carrasquillo, Senior Recruiter
  • Gary Dinsmore, Senior Recruiter

Who should attend?

  • Consultants, experts, professionals, and specialists with a minimum of 3 years of mortgage industry experience in areas such as mortgage technology, mortgage systems, operations, risk management, specialized functions (underwriting, claims, default, etc), project management, program management, and much more.
  • Professionals open to new experiences and growth opportunities with entities operating in the mortgage banking space such as lenders, banks, credit unions, mortgage servicers, and software providers.
  • Individuals looking to expand their work structure options to include remote, on-site, project-based, contract-to-permanent, and permanent roles.


About Consolidated Analytics, Inc.

Consolidated Analytics’ leading mortgage services platform delivers value to its customers, from asset-level analyses through enterprise-wide optimization. By harnessing the power of data and technology—and by tapping into the expert insights of our multidisciplinary team—we help forward-thinking companies unlock loan and operational quality, efficiency, and performance.

Consolidated Analytics serves clients in banking, lending, servicing, and capital markets. Its solutions span across the mortgage value chain and include valuation, due diligence, business process services, consulting and advisory. For more information, visit



Robyn Mahoney
Chief Marketing Officer

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