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From Illness to Inspiration: How Friendship Formed the Story of Consolidated Analytics

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Who is Consolidated Analytics? How Did the Company Get its Start and Where is it Going?

Consolidated Analytics, an end-to-end mortgage services provider, has not followed a traditional path for business growth. Starting out as a small 25-employee Appraisal Management Company (AMC) in 1996, Consolidated Analytics was purchased in 2009 by Brian Gehl, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for real estate. Only four years later, a severe health diagnosis altered the company’s trajectory and pace of growth.

In 2013, Brian Gehl, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with Stage Four Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the throat. Ordinarily, such a serious health challenge might put a business at risk or force the owner to close its doors, but Brian and Consolidated Analytics are not ordinary. In fact, one could argue that Brian’s health challenges catalyzed Consolidated Analytics’ growth.

Shortly after his diagnosis, a friend introduced Brian to Arvin Wijay, a successful entrepreneur who had recently sold his mortgage services company, Retreat Capital Management, to a sizeable Indian Public Company. In a recent podcast, Brian stated, “it was as though Arvin fell from the sky” because Arvin volunteered to help Brian lead and grow the company without pay, allowing Brian to focus on recovery. Whether Brian was undergoing chemo or sleeping under his desk, Arvin gave Consolidated Analytics the leadership and stability needed to continue operating and helped form a strategy for future growth. Moreover, Brian and Arvin forged an unbreakable friendship and business partnership.

Arvin Wijay is currently CEO and Brian Gehl is President at Consolidated Analytics, which, today employs nearly 500 talented mortgage professionals and has four divisions:

Over the last two years, the company grew 119% and plans to offer FinTech solutions in the coming years.


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